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At the end of 2010, Mount Bromo erupted. Volcanic debris spewed out. Stones and pebbles fell onto the ancient caldera, all along Laut Pasir or Sea of Sand. Volcanic ash was blown all around and covered the surrounding villages and towns. Rows of casuarinaceae trees throughout the Tengger mountain range were blanketed with volcanic ash. It resembled a rich reddish-brown sepia color, as in photographs of times past. Volcanic dust and particles enveloped trees, houses, roads, and vegetable fields. Magnificent awe-inspiring vegetable fields around the mountain region turned to a bleak dark grey color. Perhaps Mount Bromo eruptions pale in comparison to the cataclysmic e!ects of Mount Merapi. There are no deaths. There are no pyroclastic flows of rolling hot gas from the volcanos summit that sweep down the flanks of the mountain destroying everything in its path. At Bromo, there is no Mbah Maridjan, a charismatic historic figure, who was turned into the mystic gatekeeper of Mount Merapi. There is no flowing lava that can bring the heart of the economic activities to a grinding halt. The history of Mount Bromo eruptions may not be as dramatic as that of Mount Merapi. The volcanic ash and debris of Mount Merapi once covered the landside. The temples were submerged within it, forcing the King to relocate his kingdom to Kediri in East Java. The Bromo eruptions are possibly not as horrific as those of Merapi. Nevertheless, thousands of acres of vegetable fields have been irrevocably damaged, as crops are non-harvestable. Hundreds of houses have been destroyed. Roads have been damaged. Farmers and those dependent on the tourism industry have lost a viable means of income. Volcanic eruptions are possibly a common natural phenomenon. Devastating volcanic eruptions often a!ect Indonesian people, because they live under the shadows of 130 volcanoes. However, our ancestors were wiser in interpreting volcanic eruptions as a life cycle. The eruptions are a masterpiece of the Creator and Destroyer of the universe. Volcanic eruptions are perhaps the way our Mother Nature heals herself from humankinds exploitation of nature. The volcanic debris spewed from a volcano is a detoxifying agent from factorymade non-organic fertilizers that destroy the Earth. Volcanic eruptions are stories of cyclic blessings and disasters. It is just like dark and bright or yin and yang. They are stories about balance. Equilibrium. sigit pramono

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Tanah Air & Udaraku Indonesia (Hard Cover Roundback Edition)
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