Bisikan Alam

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Bisikan Alam

Bisikan Alam is an aspiration of a photographer who tries to connect various places of the earth as a gesture of respect for the wisdom and glory of nature. He records traces of light of the universe and presents its aura to us as a personal ritual that spiritually connects mankind with its Creator. This photography book is also a media for contemplation as nature’s main elements—earth (bhumi), water (tirta), fire (agni), wind (bayu)—appear to be whispering a certainty of how small we are.

Judul : Bisikan Alam  

Pengarang : Sigit Pramono

ISBN : 9799844983

Ukuran : 28 x 28 cm 

Jumlah Halaman : 116

Jilid : Hardcover 

Tahun Terbit : 2006 

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