Indonesian Tax Guidelines for Executives

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Indonesian Tax Guidelines for Executives

The Book Is intended to provide executives with guidlines for managing tax issuesin their Companies from a high level persepctives. With this knowledge, executives can work in synergy with their tax teams in managing the company's tax issues, as the accounting,tax staff are expected to focus on the more specific details, We trust that after reading the book, this executives will be more aware of important tax issues such as the tax obligations that must be fulfilled by both the company and its executives, the potential penalties for failur in fulfilling the obligations, tax facilities, tax audit prcess, tax dispute procedure, transfer pricing, etc.



1.   Title                  : Indonesian Tax Guidelines for Executives

      Isbn                  : 978-979-1008-33-4

      Author              : Hartiadi Budi Santoso

      Price                 : Rp. 235.000

      Media               : Soft Cover– 174 pages

      Category         : Reference – Guide Book

      Text                : English


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